Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Social Stories

Here is a few sites with Social Stories that we liked:

At School Stories about elements of life at school.

Social Stories For Around Town
Animals, community helpers, riding the bus, shopping, ...
Stories about events in the community.

Social Stories For Hygiene
Going to the bathroom, brushing teeth, getting dressed, drinking from a fountain, ...
Stories about cleanliness and self-care.

Wearable ID Bracelets

Wearable ID Bracelets

Child ID Bracelet Has Medical Symbol on the bracelet Contains 2 ID Tabs inside Fits 5" - 6" wrist Latex Free Product Dimension: 1" W x 10" L

FEATURES: Waterproof Washable Durable Adjustable Colorful ID is safe inside

CHILD ID BRACELET - Child ID Bracelet provides vital information should your child wander away, helping you to be quickly reunited. Your contact information is always safe with your child inside the Child ID Bracelet ID pocket.

CHILDREN'S ID BRACELET - These children's medical ID bracelets are strongly constructed from webbing and re-closable hook & loop, and have a medical symbol plus the words "Vital ID Inside" on the exterior. Fits wrist size 5-6 inch wrist
Check them out!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

School Meetings - EA - Special Needs

It is that time of year again, all the school meetinga are happening. It would be great to hear some of the things you are going to transition your child in to the need year of school. We are having a tour of the classroom and a meet the teacher in June so we are able to talk about her and the room all summer. Come fall a week before school starts we are going in to meet the teacher again and just alow her to play in the room to get use to it. We are also using a social story full of pictures. She will start grade 1 next year.

Compond Pharmacy

As some of you may have found finding a compound pharmacy to create a doctors order has been hard. I am creating a list of pharmacies we have used to create our items. I would love for you ta add to my list if anyone has had any luck.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tori Gets Sick

On thursday of last week Tori got sick. When Autistic kids get sick it is so hard to figure out what is wrong. She is better now, but it was scarry. She can not tell you what is wrong, and when she does say something you are not really sure if that is what she means or not. Now everyone else is getting it.